Simulation & Planning

Get all the answers you need, in advance.
Simulate your new mobility service prior to deployment and
accurately plan ideal fleet size, routes, charging locations, and more.

Service Visualization

Visualize and experience a fully tailored simulation of your New Mobility service.

Increase efficiency based on a demand model tailored for specific geographies, and customize your simulation for different types of trips that can be on-demand or pre-booked.

Electric Vehicles

Prepare for special fleet constraints such as keeping track of the battery status of each vehicle in EV-based fleets, and plan according to predicted charging times and station capacities.

Dynamic Parameters

Choose as many parameters as required. This means accurate modeling and early information on operational and customer experience, KPI’s and revenue.
Custom Variables

Consider custom variables such as the specific number of vehicles in your business, charging speeds, battery swaps, and queue lengths.

Fixed Parameters

Include population density, points of interest in the city, private versus shared-ride segmentation and refueling locations.

Comprehensive Output

Watch a playback of your simulation to observe the location of each vehicle, know the status of the fleet at all times, and measuring KPI’s at every moment.
Strategic Planning

Know the accurate number of successful trips (private and shared), missed trips due to insufficient vehicle availability and fleet utilization rates in real-time.


Foresee the number of vehicles in need of charging or maintenance, or predict the likelihood that a certain vehicle will be ordered in a specific location.

GDPR Compliant

All Fleetonomy data is secure, encrypted, and complies with the highest data privacy laws such as GDPR.