Scheduling & Dispatch

Schedule & monitor drivers, vehicles, and tasks automatically in real-time.

Easily enhance operational efficiency by automatically orchestrating
vehicles & personnel using Fleetonomy’s scheduling module.

Daily Dispatch Manager

Efficiently plan daily operations, driver schedules, vehicles and entire shifts based on extensive data, while considering all of your driver and fleet constraints.
Roster Management

Map out daily shifts while giving your team access to review them ahead of time and add custom preferences when needed.

Automatic Schedule Optimization

Reduce operational expenses by optimizing asset and resource planning to meet your precise KPI’s without additional costs.

Dynamic Routing

Improve efficiency in your planned schedules by taking into account real-time traffic data, lead time, and priorities across different fleet tasks.

Manual Override

Dispatch your vehicles with an automatic daily planning generator or choose to manually override the system according to what you need at any given moment.

Full Visibility

Oversee the entire operational picture at all times, and proactively deal with issues in real-time.
Real-Time Monitoring

Assess the size of your fleet inventory and verify the location & condition of each vehicle in real-time to increase workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Go hand in hand with public authorities and ensure compliance rates.