Easily launch and manage app-based ride-hailing models such as ridesharing, taxi, shuttles, limo, and chauffeur services or enhance vehicle utilization rates in your existing operations.

Multiple Ride-hailing Modules

Manage multiple services from one centralized operations center.

Private or Shared Trips

Offer either private or shared (pooled) trips within the same fleet of vehicles.

On-Demand or Pre-Booked

Launch on-demand and pre-booked services from your own branded app.

Dynamic Shuttle Routes

Match between private passengers or groups from corporate shuttles with similar pickup & drop off points to ensure maximum efficiency.

Premium Services

Provide a unique experience with premium features such as choosing your favorite driver, full control over the AC, music, ambient lighting and more.

Built with Optimization Tools from the Ground Up

Efficiently orchestrate every part of your operations automatically including drivers’ schedules, idle time, fueling/charging, and vehicle maintenance according to predicted demand and live data feeds.

Demand Prediction

Ensure that every vehicle is in the right place at the right time. Plan each vehicle’s unique mission and location based on historical trips, holidays, weather, traffic, flight data, and where available - connected car data or mobile SDKs.

Driver Dispatch & Task Scheduling

Make the best use of your drivers' schedule by automatically sending them to high-demand areas for both private and shared rides, while synchronizing idle time for maintenance tasks.

Dynamic Fleet Redistribution

Ensure the right balance of vehicles between different locations. Fleetonomy’s unique fleet redistribution system allows dynamic rebalancing of vehicles between sites to ensure high vehicle utilization and maximum ROI.

EV Optimization

Schedule tasks for electric vehicles such as charging, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for low-demand times throughout the day.

Pricing & Billing

Choose from various pricing models supported such as metered (base fare, price per mile, price per minute), day/night/weekend rates and monthly mile plans. Fleetonomy supports advanced 3rd party billing as well as marketing capabilities including vouchers, discount coupons, and branded invoices.

Deployment That Best Fits Your Needs

Use an End-To-End Solution or Easily Integrate Alongside Your Existing Software


  • Ride Management
  • Route Optimization
  • View and Manage Shifts
  • Idle Time Management


  • Ride Booking & Scheduling
  • Real-Time View and ETA
  • Billing
  • Dynamic Routes and Flexible Ride Sharing Options


  • Comprehensive Dispatching System
  • Actionable Insights
  • Pricing & Billing
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver and Vehicle Onboarding
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Fleet Analytics & Statistics
  • Robo-Taxi Integration

Autonomous Ready

Prepare your business for autonomous vehicles. Fleetonomy's platform enables mobility operators to efficiently operate and manage Robo-Taxi services alongside human-driven vehicles.