Make every experience unique.
Fleetonomy lets you predict customer behavior, which not only helps retain customers but
also assists in planning, optimizing orders, eliminating frustrating delays and boosting efficiency.

Full Personalization Module

Driven by the platform’s data insights, Fleetonomy brings all the information needed to ensure an optimized allocation process that fits each customer’s specific requirements.


Increase efficiency based on a demand model tailored for specific geographies, and customize your simulation for different types of trips that can be on-demand or pre-booked.

Driver Habits

Keep track of user miles per day, return times and additional parameters to best match vehicles with each customer’s needs.

Early or Late Returns

Rebalance your fleet in real-time according to schedule predictions, including early or delayed returns.

Accessibility and Special Requests

Be prepared to provide any additional equipment required such as sports equipment racks, child car seats, wheelchair accessibility and more.