DevOps Engineer


Fleetonomy follows the highest industry standards when it comes to our backend architecture. Our development/production processes require alignment with the newest technologies while keeping the staging & production environments available in order to maintain a high SLA configuration for our customers. We are seeking an experienced DevOps engineer who can take ownership of all various aspects of maintaining our production and development processes.


  • Technical academic background
  • 4+ years experience in DevOps
  • 6+ years experience in Linux systems

Required hands-on experience:

  • Cloud providers – GCP, AWS, Azure
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Knowledge of distributed computing and big data concepts

Experience with the establishment, configuration, and maintenance of the following system types (required):

  • CI/CD – CircleCI or Jenkins or any similar system
  • ELK stack – Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats
  • Monitoring – Datadog, Cloudwatch, Stackdriver, Prometheus
  • Distributed KV Stores – Redis, Couchbase, Etcd
  • Rational DBs – Mysql, Postgres, SQL Server, MariaDB
  • Distributed queue system – RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ
  • NoSql Dbs – MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Presto, Athena
  • ETL – Spark, Flink, Storm


  • Experience with Ansible / Terraform
  • Kubernetes operators and service mesh products

Please send your CV to info@fleetonomy.io

Good Luck!