Car Subscription

Customers are demanding more flexibility.

Branded Subscription

Get started on your own branded subscription service. Leverage Fleetonomy’s entire end-to-end solution or easily integrate alongside your existing software.

Flexibility Is Everything

Allow your customers to switch vehicles in real-time. Subscription members can choose to drive a sports coupe for their evening plans and then easily flip to a luxury SUV in the weekend.

Personalized Approach

Match vehicles with reservations ahead of time, according to customer preferences. Significantly reduce mismatching costs and provide a great experience.

Optimize Your Fleet

Ensure that you’re putting every vehicle in your fleet to best use by minimizing downtime and maximizing individual vehicle usage.

Real-Time Insights

Predict vehicle delivery time, and manage flip requests on-the-go while correlating maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Vehicle Maintenance

Ensure that maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are always scheduled for low-demand times.

Deployment That Best Fits Your Needs

Use an End-To-End Solution or Easily Integrate Alongside Your Existing Software


  • Vehicle Booking​
  • Document Capture
  • Browse Vehicle Catalog
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Billing
  • Fuel and Tolls Tracker


  • Catalog and Pricing Management
  • Scheduling, Pricing & Billing
  • Dispatching System
  • Vehicle Onboarding & Tracking
  • Maintenance Management
  • Fleet Analytics & Statistics