Autonomous Ready

Prepare Your Business for Autonomous Vehicles

It doesn’t matter if a fleet is autonomous, driven, or mixed. You can operate Robo Taxi services alongside human-driven vehicles using a single operating system, and optimize each type of vehicle to make the most out of your service.

One Effecienct Fleet, Multiple Services ​

Autonomous vehicles solve many problems when it comes to transportation, but also come with their own unique set of challenges. Complicating matters is when a fleet consists of both autonomous and human-driven vehicles. Fleetonomy makes it possible to manage multiple services across any types of vehicles with one single platform.

Predict Demand ​

Steer each vehicle’s unique mission and strategies in real-time to ensure each is in the right place at the right time, whether it’s a private robotaxi service, shared rides, or dynamic shuttle buses.

Optimize Around Different Vehicle Constraints ​

Correlate between shuttles that often make changes to routes, with autonomous electric vehicles that have to recharge. Keep each vehicle’s constraints in the operational loop and efficiently plan accordingly.

Planning Autonomous Services

Autonomous vehicles can be on the road for longer, without the requirements for changes in driver schedules, or driver fatigue. With Fleetonomy, you can optimize autonomous vehicles’ schedules and ensure they’re optimized for ongoing various missions throughout the day.

Dispatch Automatically

Work out the most efficient routes in your region based on predictive analytics and automatically dispatch vehicles to high-demand areas.

Monitor in Real-Time

Manage alerts and emergency situations, flag inefficiencies and anomalies, and oversee compliance and reporting.

Automatically Manage Maintenance and Repairs

The autonomous wp-content within your fleet can be in use almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Fleetonomy’s powerful suite of features, you can manage cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, while vehicle issues are immediately flagged and dealt with in real-time.

Plan Vehicle Maintenence Right

Ensure that maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are always scheduled for low-demand times throughout the day.

Provide a Great Experience

Keep up with maintenance constraints and ensure your vehicles are prepared to provide a great experience for your customers.

Find Routes Optimized for Autonomous Vehicles

With autonomous vehicles working constantly, route optimization becomes even more important. Any inefficiencies can be multiplied, so it’s critical that routes are optimized. Fleetonomy wraps up all of these parameters into convenient real-time insights, ensuring that your autonomous vehicles are ready to go, on all routes.

Tailored Route Optimization

Define your parameters based on vehicle type, expected terrain, traffic conditions, local regulations, cellular network coverage and more.

No Vehicle Downtime

Have the right vehicles, suited for the right time and task to ensure your autonomous vehicles are always ready to go.